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.So dad took us on a little vacation he called it...but in reality he'd lost big and ruined us we lost everything! He had Gamble it all away our money,our possession's..OUR HOME!

She was a Regester Medical Tech by the way in her younger years an pretty well off till she meet up with dad,he drove us from Tennessee to Alaska where his parents lived He had got mom over 4,500 miles away from home To tell Her!!  I could only image how she felt..

So we went north to Alaska where my other grandparent's and his family lived in Anchorage. whom only seen one time In my whole life,and only got to speak to my Grandmother Sally Osburn mabe ten times by phone. and just a a few letters and cards,

 I know they are gone now but I so love an miss them I've been trying for years now to contact dads side of the family but they soon faded out of my life , maybe they think I'm just someone they would rather forget because of  daddy's past.