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Freaks Dream

( Full Song )

I was born to this home with nothing to say. 

As I grew how I longed to belong,but found..

 No place to stay. 

So I lived in my tomb till I tasted 13..

 Thats when I opened my head 

and found a dream.....

*I found a dream.*

I found a dream.

I found a dream.

I'm sorry about your good name..

Wasted on the freak. 

All that was said and done, 

I was tought to repeat. 

When you lookin the mirror, 

what do you see?

 Reflections of years that past you by 

while you lived Them through me.

( * Lead  )

Who do you think I am? 

You tell me! since your Such. expert..........

Who hell should I be?