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Cause he pop in out of or lives till he died..he died in August- 1987 right after my Christina was born.(my youngest.) They called it a heart attack ...who knows its a mistery "I guess better left alone" mama said..

 Dad was always buying us presents but there was always a catch too them caused he either sell and or pawn them so he could pay off his I learn early on what it was to lose things (thanks dad ) he pawned our baby rings ,bikes, dolls,toys what ever he could get his hands on it just did'nt matter who he hurt!

 Strange men where always looking for him..I remeber one time when I was playing in the living room. while mama was in the kitchen,some men busted in the house asking where hell is Harley was?

( Yeah my dad was named after the )

They push me out the way like I was a rag-doll!...Backed mama in corner.trying to find him,lucky that we hadn't seen him  in weeks she told them ..thank God they be-leaved her are I mite not be written this today..On top of that my dad was a musician & traveler who lived to gamble! dreamer mom called him. 

How he came to know this family I found out after his demise that it was through my aunt Marie who dated him first whom blew back of her head out ( be-leave me I know) as did one of moms sister Judy before I was born for same reason later on In life when her husband was untrue to her.

 Mama had 3 sisters Judy.Marie,Betty out of all of them only the ones closets to her killed them self.I don't have any pictures of my aunts except of my aunt Judy belonging mom took a shining to him,I guess it was cause of him being a musician her being are having dreams her self of becoming a singer.


My Aunt Judy