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.. Now my grandmother was another story her an my mom never got along!  In fact she had been abusing my mom pretty bad back in the day she did some pretty wicked things to mom like shoveing mom into one of thouse old timey bed springs an tangeling her long red hair in springs so bad,Pop had to cut mama out them Damm! how could any mother do that ? 

My grandmother was a junkie thanks to the Drs strung her out on  drug morphine! after shed had avery bad car wreck.that almost killed her and my sister, they gave It to her for pain an kept her on it for most of her life.Many many many trips to  Dr Ombe on mountain very old country Dr that kept granny flying. We'ed go there all the time at least once a week to get her so call it supplies! Then he died hell he was 90 then 

She was in and out mental hospitals all the time (Mosscian Bend) ! even me later on as she flipped out one day on me  because she could'nt get her mountain fix she called it.She beaded down me with pops shot gun even pulled the trigger but my grandfather had it emptied after hunting season most grandmothers bake cookies with there grand child mine tried to kill me. 

 She died some ????? years ago at the age of  80 some years old grandmother had a very stronge hold on mom even as adult.This in return made my mama abuse me, but she did'nt  mean too.mental as well some physcal mom told me of storys of my grandmothers drinking an her drug addiction, like making her on children learn to ( Fixx )shoot there on mother up!