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Why do I call myself Makatt.?

It's my tribute too two of my favorite singers Mama Case & Janice Joplin and 


I'm a Leo the fire sign and, I fought like wild katt for every thing my whole life .

hence my stage/writer name.


I'm now soon too be 49 and, just one more year till I''ve lived half of my life time. I want to leave a time capsule for all of my family and, all I loved, and that have loved me. It was Insipierd by my musical soul mate Sean Lilies he's like son I never had. an old movie called Sunshine.

Music has always been part of my life my dad was a musician who played in Bigbands my mama was a songwritter/composer, my grandfather being a old picker and grin er himself. So I come from a very strong musician pedigree so it had to happen me being so into music.It's always been there for me even when nothing are no one else was.

It was the year JFK was shot. and died.I've been told all my life that  all I was to her was just constant reminder of her bigest mistake!  She made when she got with my dad he was unfaithful,In fact it was his current mistress that drove her to the hospital so she could have me well so Id been told,so many times...

I' had heard  just how miserable it was for her to even to have carry me esp... about when they lived in New hot horable her pregancy was.72 hrs labor she was already 36 years old. I've always been a a pain in her butt.not even suppose to be here at all, born to a world  that never wanted me so I was told, but life happens! so here I am.