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She still  kept it dark there too my friends that I finely got to have. in my teenage years would call it the tomb.... so would ..when I was 13 years old..that when I realized my Dream.This is where  some of my lyrics Freaks Dream came from and means. 

A man by name of  Mr.Parks come to J.A.P on occasion he played the Auto Harp

(again Mrs. Goodson I sure arranged it) I feel in love with it he thought ever time

he came to school until he talked mama into buy a used one.....I'd play & play

I love it so...She had to  sell it, we had to have money "We can't eat it she said"

story of my life! 

She did the same as daddy in my child eyes, but for different reasons ,but I was to young to realize it till I had to do the same with my guitars and equipment  over an Over again to feed my girls...but daddy set the pattern...I still fall back on Pawn Shops today


I Know she soooo tryed to be good mother we did some things together but they where so few & far between. It was all about her my whole life, I only fracture in when she needed love not me are so it seemed. all she really had time for was work!  but she did help me become who an what I am. and I thank her for it,

She tought me the very basic on the guitar & she would write when she could. Some of my fond-us memories was when we go to Nashville where she record.  I loved it there they treated like a princess. I felt at home there with all the studio crew and musicians She got ripped off by her agent soo bad that her dreams faded died away but not before she planted them In me....

I tried to relate to her love of music, thought that mite be away for us to click ,but she did not care to much for where I was going with one time I thought she was proud of me when I sang and play the Rose by Bette Milder  at a family party  long after I was married  an In my twenties..It made her cry..and still makes me cry to when I hear it or play this day.

In fact she published a poem & won for her They Only Come One To A Vine, just before she died... Ive got the on my wall now! 

Way to go mama!..Way to go!