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It's gone now for good but it lives in my memories  about 6 months worth...They tore it down to make way for town houses next pages are decanted to It's memory .According to an article in the Chattanooga Times, November 27, 1992, the State attempted to sell the abandoned 61-acre property.Sealed bids were to be accepted, starting December 16, 1962, with a minimum bid of $75,000.  When this property was sold I do not know, but there is now a beautiful gated community on the site called Hill Pointe.

Hard to find any thing about it but its there you just got to dig deep for it! Chattanooga Public Library has a few books with it in them. I found this old Club called the Half Century Club ...A group of men old Dr. Lawyers and stuff .In way here some of things I remember at the old Spooky place.

Its was Scary there...cold dark! my room was nothing but a bed, dresser, large windows, with wire bars on them! There were boys dorms was up on the main level and girls dorm was the lower  floor housed about 50 of us, with each dorm having one bath room with showers we could not leave or rooms without permission or

depending on what level we ranked, it went as follows.

Level 1 =Forget any Freedom 

Ate all meals by your self with a board in front of you, weren’t allowed to talk ,or communicate, with anyone but a TC s ,had to sleep in there office to be observed! had to ask to go too bathroom!

Level 2= Some Freedom But Limited ( When you first arrived )This was level you where placed on ,you had to earn points from T Cs  ( Teacher Counselling ) to gain any and all privileges .If  One didn't like you forget it!

Level 3= You could be trusted to walk the grounds with out TCs got go to lounge watch TV, play pool went to movie s ,road trips with T Cs off  grounds....

Level 4= Full freedom you even got to go home sometime during the week,

but with out the drugs! you didn’t even dream of this level unless your time was up!  It took me 6 months!



My husband took my back up that hill one last time before it came down

I felt the same eerie feeling come over me as I first saw the place.

It was now more like Steven Kings Rose Red than anything!

I’m glad I'm went least I could make peace with my self

Is There any Pine Breeze from the 80's left but me?

I would like to contact you, hear your stories and feelings

on this place please feel free to drop me aline.

just  put PB in subject line so I know

that you came from here k!