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There where a few who called me & treated me like friends...even a boy named Todd Klein who was my only true to life friend  whom I thought I would get married too...but even he betrayed me..

.but I still think of him from time to time..

 Only sanctuary was  Music!  

  This is The Only room worth a damm

 In the whole place as far as Im concerned!


The Band room...this where I learned to play the flute for LV band of gold....I played my guitar at home...Kids made fun of me, Never undrestood why & how They could  be so crule! they ..tried to make me feel at first like I couldn't do It...

But thats when I decide ..They be wronge.& it made me even more determed... Esp One little boy (  He anit know man If he feels the same way )...I remeber well he was on the other side of the tracks..Who said I would never Play as good as him!  


Well I ready anytime you are Eddie L! Wanta cut Heads Now!!??

 by the way This is where Cold Dish steamed from.Thanks LVH!

They have reuions every year .....
But be a cold day in ^$$#@ before I go!

Cold Dish.


Here's to all of you who made a joke out of me.          
The ones who kept me down by the use of cruelty.
 I want use names yo know who you are.
If you judge me now you won't get far!

 So what its wrong, well there's only one other way.
Now that it's turnin around. I wounder what you'll. say?
 Why don't you open up your mouth? 
Aw.. are you afraid.of what will spill out!

Don't tell me it cant be done! I'll only find the way.
I'd like to thank you personally..
For what I have.become today!
If It was' not for all the insecurities
always trying. to block the way...
I would not  have this pleasure now
Of watching you eat the words you say!

Forgotten me? well I remember you!
 I know your names.. Flies In a jar
One by one as you fall...
But not this shooting star!