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  ~?¿~  Christina   ~?¿~

Her songs here

O take you'er time.Don't grow to fast.Remember you'er future is part of the past.

 And with each new step you make.... These are the chances we'er all born to take.

 Look straight ahead, face all your fears. Knowing that I'm always near.

Even if I've passed  away... Look in Your Heart,there I'll Stay.

When you cry & think your to small, for This world to matter at all.

Hold your head up as you walk into..  The wind.

Life is hard and people crule,O don't let that..Bother you.

See past it all and you'll come through Knowing.

 I Love You.


And as you grow remember this song an sing it to your childern so I will live on.

And with each new step they make tell them that love is all that it takes. 

Help stand tall as they grow strong,t each them the meaning of this song,

And even if you pass away tell them look in there hearts it's there you'll stay

And when they cry and think they are too small for this world to matter at all .

tell them hold your head up as you walk into.. The wind.

Life is hard and people cruel,O don't let that bother 

you.See past it all and you'll come through 

Knowing.I Love You ,Knowing .I'm with You.                                    


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